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I paid for in good faith 4080.00 for dental services that were not completed.I had an apt to get several procedures dont on july 30.

2012 at the time of the serivce I asked would this be completed by sept 1, 2012 and I was told yes completely. I had veneers done by this dentist and the temporarys fell off the next day. So I had to take time off work again go back in and get the temporaries repaired. The next day they fell off again.

They told me I was doing something wrong I told them the first time I ate cheese. How could cheese pull it off. So they said well its not strange for this to happen. I have had this proceedure done before and never had this problem before.

So I took off work and went in for the repair and they came right off in less than 24hrs. I believe they are using a very inferior product that caused this to happen regardless it was bad and my teeth look terrible. This went on for 3 weeks. when the veneers finally came in they were horribly yellow like cadaver teeth.

They were so off the werent even close to being a match. So after loosing all faith in this dentist i went to another dentist and got the veneers done in 1 week and correctly. However, I had to pay this new dentist upfront like I did Serenity dental spa.

so now serenity dental spa doesnt want to refund my money for what they owe me.

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